DBR Rope Hoist

Economical. Durable. Easy to operate.

The Demag DBR rope hoist is designed to the specific needs of your market and is the ideal solution for many applications. Thanks to its uncompromising functionality and quality, it meets the high standards that we maintain
as a supplier of reliable lifting solutions.

Due to its versatile configuration, the DBR rope hoist is ideally suited to small workshops as well as large industrial companies and can also be installed on existing girders。

皇冠体育网Thanks to its advanced drive control and rugged design, the DBR rope hoist is easy to operate. At the same time, the DBR offers high reliability, good functionality and meets demanding safety standards. It is also designed for ease of maintenance – another feature that makes the Demag DBR rope hoist a highly cost-effective solution.

  • Modern, lightweight and compact design
  • Optimized load capacities from 2 t up to 40 t
  • Versatile trolley for a wide range of monorail profiles and crane girders
  • Favourable headroom dimensions
  • Two-speed control with smooth starting and stopping

Compact design and flexible monorail hoist concept
Thanks to its adjustable trolley concept the Demag DBR enables rope hoists to be installed on all popular overhead girders, including monorail I-beams, European box-section girders as well as the Chinese LD hybrid girder. This flexibility ensures favorable headroom dimensions.

皇冠体育网The special trolley configuration is suitable for a variety of girders. It minimizes the overall height of the crane from the top of the crane structure to the lifting hook. This helps to reduce the vertical space needed for crane movement and safety clearances in the building.

Excellent approach dimension thanks to its compact design。

  • Optimum utilisation of the available space
  • Various hook paths for different building heights
  • Load capacities up to 10t

Compact and efficient

  • Travel motor
    • 2-speed motor with DC brake
    • Dual trolley speed 20/5 m/min, 40% CDF
    • Class F insulation, IP55 protection
    • Cast iron wheels for increased durability
  • DBR 3 & 5: single gear motor with drive shaft
  • DBR 10: two geared motors as standard
  • Proven drive solutions with 2 driven wheels
  • Infinitely variable flange width adjustment

Reliable transmission: Gearbox

  • Advanced technology, proven all over the world
  • Made in Europe, fully enclosed gearbox offers maximum durability
  • Hardened & precision-ground gear teeth provide smooth running characteristics and low noise emission
  • Virtually maintenance-free: lubricating oil does not need to be replaced during the product’s life cycle

Durable lifting: Efficient hoist motor

  • Two-speed hoist motor with 6:1 speed ratio
  • 60% CDF. Oversized with power reserve
  • Class F insulation, IP55 protection
  • Rugged aluminium housing
  • Bimetal switch to protect the motor against overheating
  • Quick-acting disc brake, self-adjusting function, life cycle with 1 million braking operations


  • Robust contactor control for reliable operation in arduous environments
  • Standard 3-phase voltage: 380-415 V, 50 Hz (440-480 V, 60 Hz)
  • Standard control voltage 48V (110 V)
  • Robust IP54 steel control enclosure for cabling and wiring

Control system

  • Overload protection
    • With reliable stop function
    • Performance level C (ISO 13849-1)
  • Condition monitoring
    • Monitoring of machine functions, e.g. motor starts, number of operations, overload, temperature
    • Enables remaining theoretical service life to be calculated according to FEM
  • Load monitor
    • Programmable output relay for use with auxiliary signalling device
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DBR Rope Hoist

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DBR Rope Hoist

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